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Sudsy's Bagesls and Neighborhood Deli advertises it self as "At the base of the Pleasant Plains Train Station." 


The umbrella tables and chairs attract an ever-changing cast of local characters in mild weather. 

Even on a chilly Autumn Sunday, the place was hopping inside.  


The Railway is embedded in neighborhood life all along its length.  Young people often meet in the last car of a particular train and get off at an agreed-to station.

An ever-changing street social plays out at this local eatery.  Two male teens launch a barrage of four letter words through a curtain of cigarette smoke.  A man dressed in work pants and a wife-beater tee, covered with grease, returns to his parked car from an errand. Seeing the boys he loudly repeats, “Look at the mooks!”  His audience, his pre-teen son sitting in the car, or the young man he used to be?  Two female teens happen by.  The “mooks” straighten up and switch into flirt mode.  A male teen bikes by.  The “mooks” revert to childish energy and run to catch up with him.


Council on the Arts and Humanities for State Island holds a meeting to support the arts throughout our Island.


Like almost every station, there is a dance studio.


In 1860, this station was named Pleasant Plains by officials of the Railroad. A local culture soon sprang up around it.

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