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Journeys along a Path Apart

The MTA Staten Island Railway is not connected to any other rail road and treats us to unique local identities all along its length.

The Railway begins at the most urban part of Staten Island in the St. George Ferry Terminal . . . 


. . . and ends at Tottenville, the southernmost village in New York State, across the Arthur Kill from New Jersey


MTA Staten Island Railway makes 22 stopos along a 14-mile string  of small towns and whistle stops

as it travels through over three centuries of history --

from the contemporary St. George ferry Terminal

to the xxxx Conference House at the Southernmost tip of New York State,

This authentic stone house is famous for the Peace Conference held there on September 11, 1776

in an attempt to avert what became the American Revolutionary War.

The rail bed seeks the level as the Island's hilly topograpy rises and falls along side the tracks which increasingly veer from the Island's east coast toward its interior.

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