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If it weren't for the orange cones and akimbo signs for a

New York City construction project, you might think you were on a movie set of a small town.


Named for Anna from the promiment Seguines

ANNADALE - 01.jpg
ANNADALE - 07.jpg
ANNADALE - 05.jpg
ANNADALE - 23.jpg
ANNADALE - 09.jpg

The  pictaresque


ANNADALE - 14.jpg
ANNADALE - 12.jpg
ANNADALE - 20.jpg
ANNADALE - 25.jpg
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ANNADALE - 11.jpg

A man walking a dog rang a doorbell.  When the door opened, the man was overheard to say, "I just thougnt I'd drop by, haven't seen you for a while."  

In the window of a small grocery, a hand-lettered sign called for the return of a lost small dog.

ANNADALE - 08_edited.jpg

  Down the street, a sign on a shop for pampered pooches read, "Dogs Rule."

ANNADALE - 27.jpg
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