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Just Southeast of the Railway Station, one block off busy, commercial Hylan Boulevard, is a one story beige brick building.  It's Sunday.  Under an American flag, multicolored triangles flutter over a courtyard.  In the enclosed patio a sign asks "Please take off shoes"  Through the door is another world, you have entered a Sikh Temple.  You are greeted by men in turbans and women in brightly colored saris and veils. They invite you to stay for the ceremony, listen to beautiful ragas played live, and share a meal.

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The name was born from the name Oude Dorp, given by Dutch setters who called Staten Island home in the 1600’s.

Old Town is considered Staten Island’s first European settlement.

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 Sikhism, founded over 500 years ago,  today has a following of over 20 million people worldwide and is ranked as the worlds 5th largest religion.


Sikhism preaches a message of devotion and remembrance of God at all times, truthful living, equality of mankind and denounces superstitions and blind rituals.


Open to the public Sundays 10-2:30. 

Non-anthropo morphic concept of god as far as one can interpret god as the universe itself.

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Bustling Hylan Boulevard

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